"There's nothing like travelling the world to entertain our military. They truly appreciate anyone who gives up their own lifestyle to bring a just touch of home to them in the most remote of areas."

Berchtesgaden, Germany, August 1992

Alaska, May 1993

Panama and Honduras, December 1993

Alaska, March 1994

Thule, Greenland and Alaska, October 1994

Thule, Greenland, May 1995, August 1995 and March 2000

Alaska, March 1996

Thule, Greenland, April 2001

"MARIA ROSE and her band (Blue HorizonŽ) have brought a touch of home to military audiences across the globe, delighting thousands of service members and their families. We have received many letters from commanders complimenting your stage presence and professional behavior. The fact that you're repeatedly requested by name by overseas commands attests to the reputation your talent and showmanship has built. The men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces thank you for bringing smiles to faces of so many living in remote places around the world." (MARIANNE B. HOOK, Lt. Col., U.S. Army Chief, ARMED FORCES PROFESSIONAL ENTERTAINMENT OFFICE)

D.O.D. Overseas shows