Thule, Greenland
April 2001
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Danny, Mike Holtzman, Maria, Kevin Booth & Ed Kight (Our 10th Overseas Tour for the Armed Forces, and our 5th visit to the Top of the World. Temperatures ranged below zero most of the time we were there, but with the dry climate, it was absolutely refreshing!)

On Armed Forces Day, there were many teams of dog sleds for the annual race. This one particular dog happened to be situated by himself, and judging by his howls, he wasn't happy about it.

A Perfect Sunset at Mt. Dundas

Our Band, Svend, (Rec Center Director), The Holypops, (a Greenlandic Band that performed during the weekend. Then, everyone got together for a big jam session and had a great time)

This energetic Greenlandic singer also played bass. Although he spoke little English, he did really great upbeat versions of "Cotton Fields" and "Blue Moon of Kentucky".

Vagn, (Rec Center Director, and one of our best friends in the world) Svend, (Rec Center Director, a newly made friend and very good musician), and our band, just before our flight back to the US.