Danny Elswick

Hi, I'm Danny Elswick, I do all of the recording and music sequencing for our live performances and albums.
I'm also the author of this website.



Just a little background on myself. As you can see, I was a cute kid. And as long as I can remember I've played the guitar. I guess I owe a lot to my parents, who both played and sang together in church all the time I was growing up. I remember sitting on my Dad's knee, while we both played the same guitar, at the same time. Mom had a book full of songs that she wrote. She recorded two of her songs on 45's way back. Jesus Has Never Changed and Then I Met The Savior.

The biggest lost in my life is when my Dad died on March 30, 1993.

About a year before he left us, I gave him a micro-cassette recorder. On it, he would record jokes that he had heard, church meetings and stories of when he was a boy growing up in Virginia. In the middle of the tape is a poem. To be continued...