CRYSTAL WATER is a superior water absorbing co-polymer, with a proven lifespan of at least 9 years with the capability to absorb and release up to 400 times their weight in water. Because of their water storage capacity, when properly applied, CRYSTAL WATER can reduce watering frequency. They promote faster seed germination by holding water and nutrients near the root zone. Enhances stronger root growth by releasing water and nutrients during stress periods, thus resulting in a more efficient use of water by improving soil conditions for healthier and stronger plants.

CRYSTAL WATER is non-toxic.

CRYSTAL WATER is odorless. However, an excess of water over a period of time may cause an odor to develop. In such an event, simply drain the excess water and rinse crystals with tap water. If crystals become soiled, rinse with tap water and drain after 2-3 hours. After 4-6 weeks, if your plant looks like it needs plant food, mix plant food according to the manufacturer's directions, and water your plant as normal.



1. Add 1 packet of CRYSTAL WATER directly into one gallon of distilled water.

Let stand 4-6 hours to crystallize.

2. Pour wet CRYSTAL WATER into a strainer and let stand until well drained.

Add food coloring if desired.

3. Pour your CRYSTAL WATER into a clean glass container and add your plant.


1. Rinse roots clean of potting material. Trim off long stringy dirt roots.

2. Gently insert plant or cutting into crystals.

3. As evaporation occurs, add water to just below original level to allow for swelling.


Water approximately every 3-4 weeks (or whenever the crystals shrink about an inch). As the crystals shrink, add fresh distilled water to bring CRYSTAL WATER back to original size. If all the water has not been absorbed by CRYSTAL WATER after 2 hours, it has been over-watered. Pour out excess water. For best results, spray leaves once a month.

CRYSTAL WATER can be used on most green, water-loving tropical house plants without the use of potting soil. CRYSTAL WATER is to be mixed in the soil for all hanging plants, trees, outdoor plants, flower bearing plants, fruit bearing plants, plants with color, and plants with pots larger than 6".


- small, clear, hard crystals, made of a water-absorbing polymer

- become soft as they absorb and hold water

- provide reserve water for plants, stored in hydrated crystals

- the additional water stored in crystals is 95% available to plants for use

- considered non-hazardous. Use good sanitation practices (wash hands after use)

- store away from children, food, animals

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