Highlights of Our Alaska Tours
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"One of the best ways to get around in Alaska! We spent an afternoon with a dog sled team that showed us some remote areas north of Anchorage." "This is the other best way to get around Alaska! Snowmobiling really gives you a feeling of freedom and control, even if I only had the nerve to go 20 mph."
"We're standing on a glacier on Mt. McKinley at an altitude of 6,000 feet...behind us is the peak of McKinley at 20,300!" "This is the plane we took on our tour of Mt. McKinley...many times, the summit of this great mountain is not visible because of cloud cover at such a high altitude, but the day we chose couldn't have been any better!"
On a recent trip in June 1997. We were there for the Special Olympics Summer Games in Anchorage. We'd like to thank Jim Balamaci for all his efforts in arranging everything. We couldn't go to Alaska without at least visiting Portage Glacier.

(Feb. 25 - March 8, 1998)

As many of you know, Maria's love for Alaska has grown and so have her opportunities to travel there. We've just returned from an 11 day trip for Alaska Special Olympics. We also got to see the start of the Iditarod Dog Sled Race, International Ice Carving Competition, and many other events in the beautiful city of Anchorage.