In early 2017, Jordan Patch, owner of Animal Adventure Park set up a live camera
inside the pen of April, the Giraffe, as she was ready to give birth.
Waiting for the birth took much longer than first expected, but finally, early on April 15,
millions around the world watched as little “Tajiri” was born.

We made the trip to Harpursville, NY to Animal Adventure Park in June, 2017,
and it was so exciting to see the giraffe family who took the world by storm!

We got to feed April, she even took a carrot right from Maria’s mouth!
We also watched Tajiri, (or “Taj” for short) as he wandered in the field with April.
Oliver, the father, curiously looked from inside the pen as
April and Taj were outside greeting their many “fans”.
We met Jordan, and Alyssa & Corey, who both take good care
of the giraffes and other animals.

Harpursville, NY is about 20 minutes from Binghamton, NY,
and those who followed the story of April and the giraffe family
would love to see them in person. It is well worth the trip to see
the wonderful place that so many animals call home.
There are also beautiful birds, bears, kangaroos, monkeys,
cougars, zebras, camels and yes, even a few alligators!

We would highly recommend Animal Adventure Park to anyone who has a love for animals!

Their website is: